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Hotel Restaurant

Interior Design Consultation Services
by Holly Dennis & Company

We provide interior design consultation and product sourcing services for

commercial and hospitality projects.

With over 20 years experience working on a range of interior design projects,

which includes large hotel to multi-unit residence buildings/public spaces,

as well as golf course clubhouses, restaurants/bars, hotels, and international resorts,

we are able to provide sources which are perfect products on any scale.

Restaurant Interior










Let Us Be Your Source

We have loads of experience in custom design and fabrication. We know that finding the right products can be difficult, so we are fully versed in custom to help bring you just what you are looking for, we work together with you

to find the right solution for your projects. 



Upholstery, Drapery, and Bedding Textiles

for Hospitality, Commercial,

Multi-family and Marine use. 


Custom Rugs and Axminster Carpet

Any size, any color, and a variety 

of weave styles to fit your project needs. 



Our portfolio of casegood manufacturers and resources give us the ability to offer you numerous options to fit your spaces. 

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When the need for your look is to have furniture customized, our resources can deliver just what you need to complete your look. 

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Color & Finish Consultations

Picking a color scheme can be one of the most difficult decisions you make with interior design. We provide consultations on color selections to make sure your home when all you need is some new color.

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Art & Accessory Selection

Art and accessories are very important to completing the look to any home, office, lobby, or guestroom. These details are the finishing touches help bring out the personality of the space through colors, shapes, and textures. 

Space Planning & Master Planning

We are able to work with your contractor/builder/trades to plan out and design your living spaces to provide both a functional and fashionable experience that fits your life and style.

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Installation & Site Observation

We speak the language of the other trades involved in your project and are able to work with them effectively. When it is time for installation of your finishes, furnishings, artwork, etc.,   

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