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Bahati Collective

Bahati Collective was established to create high quality, sustainable contemporary furniture that is an alternative to mass-manufactured products. We are majority female owned and focused on the hospitality and residential markets. We are mindful of reducing our environmental impact as much as possible, partnering with like minded ethical factories and prioritizing the use of sustainable materials and support economic empowerment in the regions where we manufacture.

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The elements of a design - proportion, size, color, material must work together with high quality craftsmanship to ensure a durable, beautiful piece that you’ll enjoy for years to come. We believe a great piece of art or furniture in your home is an investment.



We are passionate about designing durable, high-quality products. Furniture manufacture is centered on long term value creation. It's the coming together of design, materials and great execution to realize quality, covetable pieces. We create high quality, sustainable contemporary furniture that is an alternative to mass-manufactured, products. 

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As designers, we appreciate being able to customise our furniture. As we work with small manufacturers, we can offer this service to our customers too. Whether it’s scaling an existing design, changing a finish, or working entirely from scratch with a vision of what you want to make, we're here to help realize your ideas.

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