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Commercial & Hospitality Interior Design Work

by Holly Dennis Interiors

Holly Dennis has managed numerous projects that focus on commercial and hospitality interior design, from corporate offices, schools, and retail stores to resorts, hotels, restaurants/lounges/bars, and golf clubhouses.

We know that just as residential interior design has great influence on how we feel and act in our living spaces, using the right aesthetic in commercial spaces will create a positive experience for the occupants as well. For businesses, your interior design needs to reflect your industry and personality. It should provide a welcoming feeling, while also manipulating the space to serve functional purposes and provide a safe environment. 

The heart of hospitality is providing the best in customer/guest service. Holly Dennis & Company focuses our hospitality industry projects on complementing the services offered by our clients through design that create a feeling of comfort and sense of place, thereby providing the ultimate in guest experiences. It is a proven fact that the proper interior design results in an increase in profitability for bars, restaurants, lounges, etc.

Important Note: When you are seeking an interior designer for any project that involves commercial and/or public spaces (the building code impacted scope), the State of Florida requires that you use a Florida Registered Interior Designer. These are designers who have been tested, certified, and licensed to work by the state in the public scope. They are trained to ensure that everything within the physical structure is safe and up to code. They are heavily involved in the renovation and construction process, and work closely with contractors and manufacturers to make important structural decisions. Commercial interior designers also define the project’s scope of work, draw schematics and blueprints, select the right materials, and oversee budgeting and scheduling, along with other important duties. Learn more about the importance of this in our blogs The Importance of Building Codes, The Case Against Deregulating Professional Interior Design, and Interior Designer or Decorator.

Commercial & Hospitality Interior Design Projects

Noble Tavern

St Petersburg, Florida

Vista Bay Point Public Spaces

Sarasota Bayfront, Florida

Church of the Redeemer

Downtown Sarasota, Florida

Rain Noodle House

Sarasota, Florida

Inn at Crystal River

Crystal River, Florida

Kanaya Condominium Public Spaces

Downtown Sarasota, Florida

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