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Hospitality and Commercial Design Ideas from Anony - Holly Dennis & Company Florida Interi
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Anony Lighting for Commercial and Hospitality Interior Design in Florida offered by Holly

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As a Toronto based lighting and product design studio, local manufacturing capabilities and the latest technology are elemental to our design process. We’re concerned with the entire life cycle of our product. In pursuit of creating an object that has longevity, every stage of life is considered.


We design products that last. Thoughtful and honest material choices result in something that exudes quality and inspires care.


We’re here for the long run. We are Anony.



Use the language of circles to present a delicate imbalance. A glass sphere traces its perimeter through a steel cylinder, attached at the source of light: an LED, the node. The material contrasts of weight and opacity add to the entwined expression of form and function.



By weighting the cables with the luminaires, the cables lightly trace shapes in three-dimensional space, allowing the fixture to frame to any setting. These shapes are further accentuated by the light emanating from both sides of each disk, which illuminates the surrounding area and also the fixture itself.

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Light to go. Carry it, hang it, point it. It’s water resistant, battery powered and dimmable. The soft touch silicone resists wear, so you can be carefree indoors and out in courtyards, for al fresco dining, and bring adaptability to your event spaces. 

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