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SK Fabrics Design for Hotel Healthcare and Commercial projects in Florida - Holly Dennis &
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SK Contract Fabrics for Commercial & Hospitality Design in Florida - Holly Dennis & Compan



SK Fabrics has the ability to Value Engineer and Customize its own items to further suit the client’s needs. Our primary customer base is the Hospitality and Contract Industry, as well as the Marine and Healthcare sectors. The Standard Stocked Collection is all industry-graded in Durability and FR Standards based on end use. SK is the top choice for upholstery, drapery, vinyl, sheer drapery, and outdoor/marine fabrics.

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SK can start the custom weaving process upon receipt of your project specifications, with complete requirements, pattern/repeat pictures and cuttings to match. SK can also offer computer aided designs (CAD) if needed, as well as ground cloths for client approval.



Being a long-term value creator to our customers & a market leader in service & development. We inspire & fulfill a higher level of gracious living for our customers, through design, quality & service.

SK Fabrics for Hotel Restaurant and Commercial Interior Design - Holly Dennis &
SK Contract Fabrics for Hospitality, Commercial, & Healthcare interior design throughout F


Each project is designed in-house to provide outstanding exceptional quality control and rapid turnaround. Your custom project is designed and handcrafted by our production team, and every aspect is closely managed and monitored to ensure the highest level of product and customer service. 

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