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In Style: Interior Colors of 2019

It’s that time of year again, when the color experts unveil their color selections for the year. These highly-anticipated color selections are what drive interior design trends throughout the year.

First up is the highly-anticipated Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year. The color experts at Pantone have selected “Living Coral 16-1546”. Pantone indicates that their color choice is “life affirming” and “energizes & enlivens” with a soft edge.

Within the last few years, we’ve seen a strong emphasis on “biophilia” that influences the color experts in the color selections. Biophilia is the hypothesis that humans have an innate desire to be connected with nature and other life forms. Pantone’s “Living Coral” evokes coral reefs and their implied importance within their delicate ecosystem.

Photo Source: Pinterest

For 20 years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced product development in multiple industries: home furnishings, fashion, packaging, and graphic design. The selection process requires thoughtful consideration and trend analysis.

Other influencers in color trends and forecasting are paint manufacturers. Benjamin Moore announces “Metropolitan, AF-690” as their Paint Color of the Year. One of America’s favorite paint, color, and coatings brand, describes “Metropolitan” as a stylish gray with cool undertones. Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore’s Director of Strategic Design Intelligence, says the color is “comforting, composed, and effortlessly sophisticated, Metropolitan AF-690 exudes beauty and balance”.

As interior designers, we see (and embrace) calming grays continuing to trend as a neutral base which pair harmoniously with many other colors, including the present and past Pantone Colors of the Year. (Read my blog on using gray tones here)

Photo Credit: Benjamin Moore

Photo credit: Elle Décor

“Forged by Sun. Fired by desert”. The color forecasting experts at Sherwin-Williams, another industry leader in paints and coatings manufacturer, introduce “Cavern Clay SW 7701” as their 2019 Color of the Year. Sherwin Williams describes the color as “Ancient, yet fully alive. Bohemian, yet totally refined”.

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

“Cavern Clay SW 7701”, an earthy color selection also driven by the biophilia hypothesis, harmoniously mingles with natural woods, leather, and global textiles.

Photo credit: Sherwin Williams

With these announcements, does that mean that you have to change your entire home to be on trend? The answer is, no. Not everyone finds the colors agreeable. My suggestion to clients is to begin your interior spaces with a neutral base and then add accents of color. This allows you to change decorative elements easily without having to redo the entire room.

These colors should fit your personality, and perhaps even your geographic region may dictate your usage of these colors. Living Coral may be better suited in a Coastal interior, whereas, Cavern Clay may be better utilized in an Inland interior. If you are too conflicted to select a color palette for your home, an interior designer can always help guide you. Many interior designers, like myself, offer in-home color consultation services that can be accomplished in about an hour.

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